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Now and then we send out announcements of interesting events happening around Oak Grove. It's current focus is the performing arts, including music performances and poetry.

Open Mic Night, one of the main things we announce, is back after a 5 month hold. Our previous venue, Liz's Creative Cafe, had to close. We took a little time off to see what would unfold, and now we are having our first Open Mic Night at Rose Villa in Oak Grove. Read the poster below for the details.

Oak Grove Commons is not a business, nor are we affiliated with any particular business. It is just a way of sharing our mutual interests in our community and getting connected with each other.

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The text:

After a brief hiatus, Open Mic Night comes back. Our last Open Mic Night was at the end of July, but Liz’s Creative Cafe could no longer buck the winds of a cranky economy, and she closed. We looked at a number of places and eventually connected with Rose Villa. Rose Villa has recently completed a rather extensive remodel, and this includes a new performing arts center. It is brand new, fresh and bright.

Let’s gather together on December 3rd and give it a try. Rose Villa has graciously invited us and we’ll see how it works. There is a nice big stage, good lighting, great acoustics, new furniture, and plenty of room.

Unlike Liz’s, there’s no food service, but Rose Villa will set up a concession for beer and wine in the lobby. If you arrive early enough, you can go across the “Main Street” to the Harvest Grill and get snacks or a full dinner. It closes at 7 pm, so you’ll have to get there early to buy food. Please note that they only accept credit or debit cards for payment, so don’t leave home without it. You can bring the food across to the Performing Arts Center if you like.

Parking spaces are abundant. You can park on Main Street, or on the west side of SE River Road (but not the east side) and on SE Torbank. The parking lot on the corner of Torbank and River Road is also available. If you don't know exactly where the Performing Arts Center is, just ask someone. It is very easy to find.

Note that the performances start a half-hour earlier than they did before, and the program ends at 9 pm. Signups for open mic start at 6:00. Everyone is welcome, all ages, and it is free!



Final Open Mic Night at Liz's Creative Cafe

Sadly, Liz has informed us that the
Cafe is closing. This Open Mic Night
will be the last event at the Cafe.
Here is a letter from Liz about the closing.

The Cafe was such a great place to hold our Open Mics.
The staff greeted us with such warmth and friendliness and
it's hard to imagine a better fit for our creative efforts.

Open Mic Night has been going on for over eight years. It has
grown to be a joyous artistic community with great spirit. At
this point we must turn our attention to finding a new venue.
Ideally, it would be able to hold 50+ people, have a good food
service, adequate parking, and be in the
Milwaukie - Oak Grove - Jennings Lodge area.
If you know of or find such a place, email Edrid
( and we'll check it out.

Come to this last one at Liz's, and then let's keep it going.

July 2016 OMN


Open Mic Night!