This site might be full of interesting information someday, I suppose. Right now, though, it is the place to sign up for the Oak Grove Commons Email List.

Now and then we send out announcements of interesting events happening around Oak Grove. It's current focus is the performing arts, including music performances and poetry.

Open Mic Night - New Location

Open Mic Night, formerly held at the Milwaukie Elks Lodge, has a new home. Our February 27, 2016 OMN was held at Liz's Creative Cafe located at 9401 SE 32nd Avenue, Milwaukie.

As always, the show starts at 7 pm. Performers can start signing up after the crew arrives. If you have some special need, you can email a day or two ahead to get on the list.

Map to the cafe

*** Special thanks to Thor and Kim for finding the new site! ***

Open Mic Night has attracted a great group of performers, and a few new ones appear each month to delight and surprise us. Open Mic performers can request us to announce their gigs through the Oak Grove Commons Email List when they play at local venues. It's like a free service.

Oak Grove Commons is not a business, nor are we affiliated with any particular business (although we really appreciate LIz's Creative Cafe and hope the Open Mic Night helps their business. It's a win-win!) Oak Grove Commons is just a way of sharing our mutual interests in our community and getting connected with each other.

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